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MARCH 10, 2010 - The day I met Kristen Stewart, the most perfect girl ever. Best day of my life.
Hi! My name is Belle. I'm 22 years old. I love Kristen Stewart's bitchface. I adore her robust butt, her long legs, basically everything about her. I also love R/K. I think they're pretty cute together.

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Audio Post #10- Rob & Kristen being cute as usual talking about Rob’s injured toe.

Rob: This is actually really really tough. Even though Kristen weighs like 30 pounds. Doing this all night was incredibly difficult.

Kristen: I think by the end of the night his toenail was falling off and like black. I felt really bad cause I would forget about it during the scene and by the end of it he’d be like ‘owwww!’ Oh I’m sorry I forgot.

Rob: Do you remember in the first one when we go to the prom and go in for like 3 seconds and then I was like should we go?

Kristen: Yeah, I liked that. I thought that was so funny. I thought we were really cool. Let’s just go there for  a second and then leave. Go and dance outside by ourselves.

Kristen: Maybe that’s what ruined your big toe. Do you ever think about that?

Rob: *laughing*

Kristen: *laughing* My big ass cast. Crushing down on your toe. It never recovered.

Audio is from the Twight DVD Commentary and the Eclipse DVD Commentary.

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Here’s an audio mix of Kristen making fun of Rob’s accent. They’re just too cute. Enjoy the giggles.

The audio clips I used are from the Eclipse DVD commentary and Oprah interview.

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