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MARCH 10, 2010 - The day I met Kristen Stewart, the most perfect girl ever. Best day of my life.
Hi! My name is Belle. I'm 22 years old. I love Kristen Stewart's bitchface. I adore her robust butt, her long legs, basically everything about her. I also love R/K. I think they're pretty cute together.

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Okay I will stop spamming you guys with WTTR gifs tonight. lol :)

I think I’m gonna be spamming your dash with WTTR gifs all day. Sorry to those people who are getting annoyed.

-Belle :)


I didn’t take time to edit this. So sorry for all of the grammar/spelling errors.

Okay, so I saw the movie yesterday at SDFF. So I was expecting to see Kristen the moment the movie started, but no it felt like forever for her to appear on screen. Lois, who is played by Melissa Leo and Doug, played by James Gandolfini  are married. So 15 minutes into the movie Doug decides to go to New Orleans and he goes inside a club. There’s this awesome slow motion shot of the door. It’s dark and U.R.A Fever by The Kills starts playing. And by that time my heart was beating like crazy all I could think about was KRISTEN KRISTEN KRISTEN. The shot pans to Doug writing something and there’s like a stripper on a pole that’s a bit out of focus we can’t see the face( which I’m told was Kristen). We first see her stripper shoes and then the shot goes up to her legs (she’s wearing fishnet stockings btw), the little skirt she’s wearing, and we see her nipples covered by RED electrical tape pasties. She sits downin front of James. And omg her face the messy sex hair. I die! And then when she opens her mouth she says dirty things to Doug and then they transfer to a private room. She says more filthy things that make me swoon. lolll And the most perfect divine moment in the movie happens. She straddles Doug and since her skirt is TINY we see her ASS, the glorious ass. ON THE BIG SCREEN. I just wanted to pause on that scene forever. Doug pushes her away and she sits back with her legs spread and gives Doug dirty looks. GAHH I can’t wait till you guys see this scene. She talks about giving blowjobs. lollll Mallory in this movie definitely has a dirty mouth.

Mallory/Allison (Allison is her real name. We found that out later in the movie) has a lot of funny lines in the movie. One in particular that I like is when she was walking with Doug and talking about how she’d rather be a stripper than doing striptease in Vegas. She says “Guys jerking off and staring at your cooter like it sings the star fucking spangled banner” lollll I loved that line. Oh and she says pussy, cooter A LOT in this movie. There’s a scene where Doug mentions that he’s never met a woman that talks about their ‘private parts’ so much and then Mallory responds sarcastically btw “Like oh my god I have private parts!” That was followed by an eyeroll. And another funny scene between her and Melissa Leo is when she’s shopping for a bra with Lois she mentions that her mom had big tits “I got my dads tits” and Lois responds with “Me too” lolll I loved that.

I have so many favorite scenes but all of you should know that um some of it involve Kristen’s robust butt. There’s a scene where she’s in bed with Doug she’s asking why he won’t fuck her then the camera pans down to Kristen and the dress the she’s wearing has ridden up and it’s exposing her amazing ass it happens so many times actually.  It’s so nice, smooth, I wanted to grab it. lolll

And the scene at the police station where she walks out wearing just a large jacket without any pants. Oh her legs, those long legs. This is the “I’m nobody’s little girl”  scene on the trailer. And when she runs away from the them ugh I can’t stop looking at those legs.

My perving aside the movie was really great. The end scene where she was sitting on top of a bag and talking to Doug on the phone it took my breathe away. She was so pretty without any makeup and her hair was tied back. I love it so much. This movie really shows that she can DEFINITELY act. There’s so much more to Kristen Stewart than being Bella in the Twilight movies.

If you have more questions about the movie. Feel free to ask. :)

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