Kristen Stewart
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MARCH 10, 2010 - The day I met Kristen Stewart, the most perfect girl ever. Best day of my life.
Hi! My name is Belle. I'm 22 years old. I love Kristen Stewart's bitchface. I adore her robust butt, her long legs, basically everything about her. I also love R/K. I think they're pretty cute together.

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Kristen: I’m just being a little overprotective here. I hate this. (referring to the scene where Dakota is making out with a dude)

Dakota: *laughs*

Kristen: I hate it.

Dakota: You were there!

Kristen: I know. I was like puking.

Joan: A lot of people were uncomfortable with this.

Kristen: Yeah, I don’t know. I just hate it.

Kristen: Arghhhhhhhhhhh *makes puking noise*

lol awwwww it’s nice that Kristen feels very protective of Dakota.

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KStew saying “Filthy Pussy” omg this is like music to my ears. I am sick.