Kristen Stewart
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MARCH 10, 2010 - The day I met Kristen Stewart, the most perfect girl ever. Best day of my life.
Hi! My name is Belle. I'm 22 years old. I love Kristen Stewart's bitchface. I adore her robust butt, her long legs, basically everything about her. I also love R/K. I think they're pretty cute together.

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→ Anonymous whispered : #the WE dogs #yay bernie gets a tag my creys those tags your very funny.... i scroll for hours and like your posts great job. do you have a twitter?

Aww, thanks. I think you’re the only one who got what that tag meant. lolll I don’t go on twitter that much but it’s @bubbly90 

besideyouu-deactivated20131108 whispered : Your OTR gifs are flawless. And so is our princess. I love you. <3

ilysmmmm <333

spencerihastings whispered : so sometimes you aren't here, and then you randomly come back and post beautiful things. such a tease. xP seriously though, you are my absolute favorite kristen stewart based blog, and i also adore your personal blog, and i just really hope you're doing okay. <3

awww, you’re the sweetest. :3 I’m doing okay, thank you. <3333